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Qi Beauty Treatments

Skin Regeneration Without Injury.

Qi beauty works with all skins – regardless of the extent of previous damage.

Our technology actions quantum principles of energy and the mechanics of cellular processing, to support biologically programmed processes of skin tissues, skin kinetics, and dermal secretions.

Qi Beauty key features

Qi beauty Treatments offer a new approach to treating skin without injury

    • Corrects cell to cell communication.
    • Regulates dermal secretions.
    • Raises the energetic potential of skin.  
    • Works 1mm below the eye.
    • Can be used on all skin types and presenting conditions.
    • Non-injurious, non-invasive, no trauma to skin.

How does it



Qi beauty treatments employ directed static magnetic fields (SMF) to influence the cellular processes of skin tissues.

Recent applications of SMF in regenerative medicine include the treatment of bone and muscle regeneration and wound healing. Qi beauty treatments are based on similar principles of SMF technology to influence cellular processes for anti-age and the treatment of skin conditions.

High precision positioning of gauss specific micro-magnets alter the lipid bi-layer without heating skin tissues. A noninjurious treatment, known to assist skin repair, a Qi beauty treatment does not require downtime or recovery.

Positive alterations in tissue density, depth of facial lines, skin strength, inflammatory conditions including scarring are evident after treatment.


Increased and regulated cellular signalling improves the appearance of skin colour and texture, secretions, micro-circulation, stem cell activity, metabolic processes and acceleration of healing.

The construction of a Facial Matrix by a trained therapist is based on presenting conditions and desired results. A treatment can be delivered as a luxurious spa experience with a guaranteed visual difference or as a clinical treatment for creating volume, textural improvement, and navigation/ absorption of applied formulations. The treatment can be paired with other therapies to offer an integrative menu, but is usually a stand alone treatment.


After a trained Therapist has assessed cleansed skin, (based on Qi beauty skin assessment criteria), a facial matrix (map) is personalised according to facial landscape and presenting skin conditions. Once the treatment has been mapped, the therapist applies Acu-gel (for magnetic conduction) to prepare the skin for matrix application. The therapist then creates a SMF Matrix by gently applying gauss specific micro-magnets into the gel to create high-flux static magnetic fields to direct gradients. When the matrix is in place a peptide serum or nutrient rich anti-inflammatory oil is applied within the fields. A matrix remains on the surface of the skin for 20-25 minutes, depending on the treatment objective. Once removed, a moisturiser or serum is applied to finish.

A Matrix can incorporate a number of protocols within a single treatment to achieve the goals of the treatment plan. Qi beauty treatments (such as anti-age, eye lift, lip lift, detoxification, acne clear, scar treatment, neck lift, décolletage repair or drainage matrix) can be used in a single treatment but are usually spread throughout a treatment program.